Program Administration

Advisory Council

The Learn & Play Advisory Council assists with daily operation of the Center. Members of the Council include the Pastor and Lay Leader of the United Methodist Church of Branford, the L&P Director, members of UMC Branford as well as a teacher and a parent representative.


The Director, Head and Assistant Teachers are experienced, nurturing individuals who are devoted to the children. In accordance with State regulations, staff members continue their education through workshops and classes.

As a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), the Council resolved that all Learn & Play staff and Board members are followers of Christ and acknowledge Jesus as Lord and Savior, and are in agreement with and support the Mission Statement, Faith Statement and Philosophy of Education.


In compliance with Connecticut State regulations, Learn & Play has annual contractual relationships with the following professionals: Social Services consultant, Education consultant, Pediatric consultant and Dental consultant. A nurse is employed to visit our center once per week to see the children, review their medical records and offer advice to the staff.

Class Size

Our rooms are designed for groups of up to fourteen children. State licensing requires that a 10:1 child-teacher ratio be maintained at all times for children above age 3. Children under the age of 3 must have a 4:1 ratio maintained at all times.