SALUTATIONS to Learn and Play, its committed director, teachers and staff. Another great start to a new school year. My child is in his third year attending L&P and is motivated daily because of the patient and caring staff. They make learning exciting and fun, have a wonderful academic, religious and social program and a terrific facility to accomplish it all!! KUDOS”  Thank you  JE
“I feel good bringing my child to Learn & Play. He learns to be kind, compassionate, and friendly. He builds, creates, pretends, and explores. This is because the staff is caring, loving, and believes that every child is good. My family and I are constantly reminded that Learn & Play is the best place for us when my son is excited for “school” each morning and is full of smiles when I pick him up. It is the perfect balance of learning and playing and is developmentally appropriate for each age group and each child. I am confident that you will feel the same warmth and family environment we feel too.”  Jennifer D.
“I started researching preschools and daycare centers when my daughter was 6 months old with the intent on sending her when she turned two because of the long wait lists people had warned me about. Learn and Play was recommended to me by two of my close friends who had also sent their children there. Ultimately by the time my daughter turned two I had looked at a lot of different places and had done a lot of research about the different types of instruction and accreditations.  I was very impressed with the layout of the classrooms and the large fenced in playground located in the back of the building.  Actually it was one of the nicest playgrounds I had seen.  The teachers are friendly, very personable and make themselves available to the parents.  I like that they offer bible stories, chapel, music and dance lessons to the children and are  reasonably priced. My daughter loves to sing at Chapel! They are also conveniently run year round so my child was able to attend camp there this summer.  She got to stay with familiar friends and teachers and didn’t have to reacclimate for the summer months somewhere else. The summer camp was great!  They had a different theme each week, water activities, critter caravan, bounce houses, a fire truck and lots of other fun activities planned for the children. Overall I have been very pleased with Learn and Play and would recommend it to anyone looking for a warm, friendly and inviting learning atmosphere for their child.”
“We have had our 2 1/2 year old son at L&P since he was 5 months old. To say that we feel blessed to have found L&P is an understatement. He is happy, confident, well adjusted, and curious; I owe so much of that to this program. I don’t know how they do it, but they balance a structured, organized, exciting curriculum with the love and character building all little guys deserve. After talking to two friends who had their children in other programs, they visited the school and enrolled almost immediately.”
 “We are so happy with Learn and Play! I have looked at other daycares in the area and they don’t even come close to measuring up to learn and play. The staff are wonderful and caring, the curriculum is well developed and our daughter is constantly impressing us with what she learns in class! We appreciate all the school does in terms of enrichment programs and the religious instruction. I never worry about our child’s safety or experience at Learn and Play because we know she is in well cared for everyday! The staff is experienced and nurturing. The family events are great and our daughter loves them! This is an excellent daycare and wonderful learning experience for your child!”
“This is not just a daycare, the teachers here are amazing. They ALL care for each child in their care with the up most love and respect, as well as take the time to really learn about each child’s individual needs. These wonderful teachers have helped my child grow leaps and bounds, I feel comfortable as an over protective Mommy, leaving my son in the care of the Learn and Play staff with the knowledge that he will be well cared for and loved till I return. I feel blessed to have my son attended Learn and Play and he loves being there.  He has so much fun and talks for hours about his day when I pick him up. Thank you Learn and Play teachers and staff for keeping my son happy, healthy and safe while he is in your care and for easing my mind as well! And for any other parents out there looking for an amazing place for your child to attend, I 100% recommend Learn & Play Christian Early Learning Center. I guarantee you and your child will love it too!”
“My daughter attended Learn and Play from the age of 7 months-18 months. The only reason she left is because we moved out of state. The hardest part of our move, besides the obvious, leaving friends and family…was leaving this daycare. It is wonderful. It is a small center, which I think is perfect. You get the structure and accountability of a center, but it is small enough that everyone knows your child by name and they are not lost in a crowd of children. The classrooms and hallway is always clean and well maintained. The outdoor area is beautiful and there is an indoor play area so the children get to leave their classrooms to play on slides, bikes and large toys even if the weather is bad. I was hesitant at first because we are not Christian and I wasn’t sure about the fact that Learn and Play is located in a church. I did not feel that my family was treated negatively, or that membership in the church was something that was expected. There were definitely child-friendly bible teachings and songs worked into the curriculum, but I don’t think it is done in a pushy manner…Just nice stories, art projects and songs about being kind, friendly, thoughtful…with a slight Christian element. The children are kept busy, having fun and learning, throughout the day. I saw this at pick up and drop off, no matter what time. I never saw any teachers just sitting around chatting and ignoring the kids. They are always engaged and there were always activities going on. Most important…I felt like the teachers truly cared for, and even loved my daughter. They are all very nice, extremely knowledgeable, bonded and invested in providing a level of care that I did not expect from a daycare. I felt that they communicated with me, took the time to really see what my daughter’s needs were and just went above and beyond to nurture her in every way possible. My daughter is attending a new daycare where we live now and it has been a huge adjustment for our family because even though I know she is being well cared for….I don’t think that any daycare can live up to the expectations I have since we had her at Learn and Play.”