Our Programs

Small class sizes allow for individualized success during whole class, teacher directed instruction. Child directed activity centers, enriched with hands-on experiences, engage each child’s natural curiosity and encourage exploration of God’s world at a child’s own pace.

We focus on the development of the whole child in these six areas: SPIRITUAL: to provide a Christian foundation for approaching life ACADEMIC: to provide opportunities for development of cognitive skills through hands-on learning experiences SOCIAL: to provide experience in responding appropriately to others EMOTIONAL: to encourage consistent, loving boundaries of acceptable behavior PHYSICAL: to develop gross and fine motor skills as each child experiences incredible changes and growth

AESTHETIC: to provide exposure to rhythm, music, and various art mediums



Each Wednesday from 10:00 to 10:30 we will be having a special time to gather as a group for Bible lessons with Pastor Kent in the church’s sanctuary. The 1st Wednesday of each month will be a special Bible story presented by a skilled storyteller.

Parents/guardians are welcome to attend, as well as children who are not scheduled to be at Learn & Play on Wednesday mornings.




Holiday Celebrations: Christian holidays are celebrated at the Center and details about them will be in the monthly newsletters or available from your classroom teacher. Our annual Christmas Pageant commemorates the birth of Jesus. If you have a special holiday or tradition within your family that you would like to share with us, please let the teacher know. Birthdays: Birthdays can be celebrated at Learn & Play, planned in advance with the teacher. Parents would be asked to supply a healthy treat for the class – no candy, cake, sugary juices or nut products.   Please refer to the Parent Handbook for more details about snacks and meals.